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Petro-SIM drives improved decision making by ensuring that you are better informed about your facilities

Petro-SIM is a steady state and dynamic process simulator for the hydrocarbon process industries from upstream production through midstream gas processing to downstream refining and petrochemicals. Its open platform architecture supports integration with other leading technologies while facilitating customisation of the experience, technology, and functionality. Petro-SIM’s database infrastructure promotes collaboration and more efficient team working while driving improved reporting allowing your organisation to gain efficiencies in process modelling work processes.

The Petro-SIM platform with full integration to commercial data historian and databases systems offers a central repository for project design data and access to plant operating data for performance monitoring. Maintaining a consistent set of design bases and operating models becomes a straight-forward process, you can store and update project model files in a version-managed database. As a result, internal and external project team members can access current data and generate custom reports against the latest model data, collaborate effectively within a distributed project team, and drive efficient project work practices. 


Petro-SIM™ Upstream & Midstream

Maximise facility performance through life of the changing reservoir and optimise gas production throughput and balance power generation

The process simulation platform for driving excellence in facility performance and organisational productivity in hydrocarbon industries. At the core of Petro-SIM’s technology, rigorous simulation models generate trusted results in an intelligent, user-friendly environment for upstream, midstream, or downstream refinery or petrochemical processes.


Petro-SIM™ Refining & Petrochemicals

Improve, monitor, and sustain performance of refining and petrochemical process units as well as the entire processing facilities through rigorous scalable software solutions

Petro-SIM is the only proven process simulator that scales from the reactor unit to the entire facility while combining the rich DNA of process simulation with integration to best-in-class KBC and third party software to create leading edge technology.



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