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Maximus™ Thermal Hydraulic Integrated Production Modelling Software

Maximus can be used like any other steady state pipeline network simulator and has been designed to be easy for users familiar with such tools to pick up and use it for nodal analysis, network sensitivity studies and single design cases of interest to the user. However, the main advantage to Maximus is its built-in Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) capability (the Life of Field Option), giving Maximus the functionality of a Petroleum Engineering software with the detail of a Process / Flow Assurance Engineering tool. This makes Maximus the ideal tool for bridging the gap between subsurface and surface; integrating numerous engineering disciplines and reducing interface design margins for a faster, more robust and more cost effective design.


Main Features:

  • Fast compositional thermal hydraulic network simulations from reservoir to processing facilities.
  • User defined events logic to test numerous field development plans.
  • Model the effect of midstream processing (e.g. separation, compression, pumping) on production rate and thermal hydraulics.
  • Proven on a wide range of complex Upstream Oil and Gas systems.
  • Integrated with Multiflash and Petro-SIM         


For more information on using Maximus and other KBC software in Upstream Consulting including Field Development RightSizing, Producing the Limit and Workforce Capability, please click here.


Maximus Applications

  • Detailed Steady State Pipeline Thermal Hydraulic Studies
  • Deepwater Oil Systems
  • Large Offshore Oil & Gas Compression Networks
  • Subsea Seperation
  • Subsea Compression
  • Large Onshore Gas Gathering Systems
  • Water Injection & Disposal Networks
  • Life of Field Operating Envelopes
  • HPHT Developments 
  • Polymer Flood Networks
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Liquid Hydrocarbon Export Systems
  • Hydrate Cold Flow Production Systems
  • Predicting Hydrates & Wax Appearance Temperatures via Multiflash
  • Annulus Heating Option





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