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KBC’s technology portfolio – An unrivalled suite of software for energy industries

KBC’s engineering software suite empowers you with industry leading tools to maximise the performance of your assets from strategic planning and investment studies to feasibility and design studies through unit optimisation and performance monitoring.

Make decisions for your assets with confidence based on the fidelity of our scalable software simulations that provide the necessary level of granularity at each stage in the oil and gas industry, from the wellhead through the distribution chain.

Improve facility performance at each stage in the life cycle from optimisation of the design to optimisation of the operation, with continued performance monitoring to sustain these improvements.

Drive superior organisational productivity with collaborative, easy-to-use tools designed to improve the way different teams within an organisation work together.

Our advanced technologies create the superior platform to provide a new approach to meeting complex, multi-dimensional, multi-configuration, and multi-period industry challenges to add identifiable value to your organisation’s bottom line.

An innovative technology that provides a new approach for meeting complex challenges and adds clearly identifiable value to your organization’s bottom line

Business profitability requires complex decisions to be made quickly and with confidence. To maintain a competitive edge in today’s on-demand business environment, you need decision support tools you can trust to give you the most accurate and reliable information possible in as short a time frame as possible. From the well-head to the distribution chain, KBC provides best-in-class software products that support your processes for optimizing upstream, midstream and downstream manufacturing facilities in the hydrocarbon industry.

KBC’s unrivalled suite of software simulation, modelling, and other analytic products allow your team to design and operate your facilities more profitably, manage environmental and operational risk, optimize upstream and downstream processes, and maximize production. Our world renowned expertise in enabling organizations to effectively collaborate on solving industry challenges provides a key differentiator for EPC companies.

Technology Implementation Services

Our technology is designed to be used in the operating environment and has been successfully implemented in many sites worldwide. Clients use it to drive real value from their operations. We view technology implementation as a key driver of value to our clients.

Therefore we pride ourselves on the quality of our technology implementation services, including provision of Maintenance, Support and Upgrades (MSU), training, model building / flowsheeting, model calibration and tuning.

Our licence management is straightforward and our installation is efficient and effective. We provide 24/7 access to our technology specialists to ensure any questions or issues are resolved satisfactorily and quickly.


PVT Modelling

Multiflash - is a powerful and versatile PVT and EOS (Equation of State) modelling software package dedicated to PVT modelling of fluid-phase behaviour, flow assurance and evaluation of fluids' physical properties for design and process simulation. It is the tool of choice in the industry providing engineers with quantitative information and data to rapidly assess options, make choices and prevent or forecast potential processing issues.



Flow Assurance Modelling

Maximus - is a thermal hydraulic network simulator that is used in the design stage of field developments to run sensitivity studies to derive Life of Field flow assurance quality results. This ensures that fields are able to effectively produce at their limit over their lifecycle.



Energy Suite

Energy Suite - The Energy Software Suite covers energy from generation of power and steam, energy conversions and final energy consumption in the process. Our range of tools covers design, revamp monitoring and optimisation of energy systems, and is integrated with the Petro-SIM platform.



Process Simulation

Petro-SIM is the most comprehensive process modeling and simulation tool, ideal for topsides, separation and processing facilities engineering design, evaluation and optimization. Process engineers can leverage its unique features including Cumulatives, Workflows and Fluids, and like Maximus, Petro-SIM integrates MultiFlash.


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