Technical Papers

Viewpoint: The Hallmarks of Operational Excellence in the Energy and Chemical Industry

Impact of Light Tight Oils on Distillate Hydrotreater Operation

The Effect of the Thermodynamic Model and Parameters in Process Modelling

The IMO's 2020 Marine Fuel Sulphur Cap and Challenges for the Global Refining Industry: Time for Action is Now!

Right Size Gas Turbines for Upstream Compression Systems

Marine Emissions: The IMO Says 2020, Where Do You Stand?

Modelling Wax Thermodynamics

Integrated Asset Modelling

Training Quality Assessment in the Process Industry

Rigorous Integrated Production Modelling of Cold Flow Technologies

What a Difference a Few Months Can Make: How to Respond to the Oil Price Drop

Low Oil Prices - What Should Operating Companies Do Now

The benefits of a compositional thermal hydraulic integrated production model when investigating subsea processing 

Assessing the future of the petrochemical industry in Asia

Are you using pinch technology effectively in your daily operations?

Understanding fines in coking more important now

Challenges of heavy crude processing

The New Horizon - Global Petrochemical Perspectives

Assessing the Impact of Carbon Pricing on Refinery Profitability

Bottom of the Barrel - Unconventional Crudes Part II

Global Refining Review Part II

Bottom of the Barrel - Unconventional Crudes Part I

Options for lower sulphur marine fuels

Understand Differences Between Thermal and Hydrocracking

Global Refining Review Part I

Improving profitability despite lower utilisation

Improve Energy Efficiency for Distillate Hydrotreaters Retrofit Options

Rising to the CO2 Challenge: Part I

Rising to the CO2 Challenge: Part II

Rising to the CO2 Challenge: Part III

PVT Modelling



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Outlooks on Energy

IMO 2020 Bunker Fuel Sulphur Cap: The Time For Oil Refiners to Act is Now IMO 2020 Bunker Fuel Sulphur Cap: The Time...
Maritime transport is essential to the world's economy. Over 90% of the world's trade is carried by sea, and it

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Are You Lagging or Leading? Are You Lagging or Leading?
You have the bases covered. You’ve instituted a proactive safety program and now everything at your facility is alright now.

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