Refinery Simulation
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Consulting and Process Simulation Software solutions tailored to you

KBC provides technical and organisational consulting and software solutions to companies in the energy and oil and gas industries.

Our best-practices solutions have been proven effective for companies worldwide that have increased productivity and profitability after engaging us, including most of the major international, national and independent oil and energy companies.

Our Petro-SIM™ Process Simulation Software is the only process simulator to include detailed crude assay management technology and provide the best methods for crude-unit monitoring, refinery and pipeline simulation and LP data generation. Petro-SIM Refining monitors heat exchanger fouling to let you optimise cleaning, predict heat-exchanger pressure drops more accurately, and improve furnace and heater operations. Petro-SIM Production lets you improve throughput 10-20% while decreasing energy and fuel costs. We also provide a comprehensive range of refinery training courses for operators and plant management teams.

Our OpX Assessment system gives in-depth analysis of your operations so that you can discover opportunities for operational improvements. Our Gas & LNG consulting services help you identify the best opportunities in the rapidly growing gas industry while helping you steer clear of risks.

For the Power industry, we draw upon a wealth of experience, tools and methodology to provide you with a range of leading-practice services covering all aspects of operations – a flexible approach that allows us to customise programmes to meet your individual needs and priorities.

We provide tailored best-practices built on our years of experience and our robust Process Simulation Software to improve the effectiveness and profitability of existing assets.


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