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Energy Economics Overview

If your business has significant exposure to the oil & gas markets and you are interested in what this volatility in the market means for your business, please do let us know. Our commercial insight, under-pinned by strong technical expertise and first principles ensures your challenges will be addressed by industry-leading analytical rigour and insight.

KBC Energy Economics is the world's oldest oil industry consultancy business. Our capabilities originate from Petroleum Economics Ltd (PEL), whom KBC acquired in 2002. PEL was founded in London in 1955 by Paul Frankel, a pioneer in the discipline of petroleum economics. For a number of years, KBC's market economic analysts have been undertaking a comprehensive range of analyses of oil and gas industry fundamentals including liquids production (oil, condensate, NGLs, biofuels), refined products demand and production, petrochemicals, gas/LNG and freight/shipping.

 KBC routinely provides petroleum market economic data, insight and advice to oil majors, independent refiners, NOCs, governments, investment banks and financial advisers, and shipping houses and oil traders.

Product Timetable 2016   

Product Timetable


Oil Market Preview (March 2017)
Oil Market Preview (February 2017)

Oil Market Preview (January 2017)
Oil Market Preview (December 2016)

Oil Market Preview (November 2016)

Oil Market Preview (October 2016)

Regional Supplements

Energy Economics Update - Americas
Energy Economics Update - Asia, Pacific and China
Energy Economics Update - Europe, FSU and Africa
Energy Economics Update - India, Middle East and North Africa

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Developments in the International Gas Industry - Developments in the International Gas Industry 2016 considers the impact of the recent Paris climate talks, coupled with the lower oil price environment, on future gas demand. The contribution of gas in the power sector of developing countries remains key to how much new LNG supply will be required to meet global market needs. The major question remains: "Can we still expect gas to play a major role in the transition to a lower carbon world?"

Thumbnail World Long Term Oil and Energy Outlook - Our latest LTOEO provides a perspective on the issues that lie ahead in the development of oil and gas resources. The outlook in this report reflects our interpretation of the new dynamics, including costs and technological issues, unconventional supplies, the availability of finance and the role of OPEC. As the adage goes, "all models are wrong, but some models are useful". This outlook provides data-driven insights that seek to address the question many are asking: “How will the tectonic shift in oil prices affect energy investment trends over at least the next decade?”

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Outlook for the World Refining Industry 2015 - Our 2015 Outlook for the World Refining Industry explores the fundamentals underpinning the current market situation of high gasoline margins, as we look to answer some important questions.  For instance, when will global gasoline markets stabilise? Will supply rise sufficiently to dampen out the gasoline crack and bring refining margins back down to lower levels?


Outlook for the World Tanker Market - Our 2015 annual Tanker Market Outlook report offers in-depth analysis on the main factors and issues that will impact on the development of crude and product tanker rates and earnings and influence their direction. The focus of the report is based around an understanding of the future tanker supply/demand position, taking into account fundamental issues such as fleet developments, global oil supply and the effect changing flow patterns are likely to have on crude tanker earnings, and how product tanker prospects are likely to be shaped by product trade and the start-up of new refining capacity in the Middle East.