Refinery Reliability
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Over the short term, market volatility is a key influencer of the fortunes of many operating in the upstream, midstream, refining and petrochemical industries. Their ROCE performance, and indeed survival, will be determined by their ability to maximise revenue generation by riding fluctuations in the market. Asset owners and operators will continue to operate so long as their short-run marginal cost of production exceeds their short-run average variable costs. 

This introduces the need for agility in the facilities which drives adaptability. Agility for asset owners and operators means possessing operational flexibility to readily ramp up production to exploit market opportunities and turn down production to mitigate risk; thereby riding market volatility.
We provide solutions that enable asset owners and operators to generate maximum revenues safely by maximising production of the highest value products demanded in the market at any point in time based on plant constraints and the best available crude and process unit feeds. We reduce losses, feed quality constraints and process constraints inhibiting achievement of optimal yields and throughputs from process units and the plant. We do this safely through linear programming (LP) support for facility feedstock optimisation, unit feed quality changes, facility and unit debottlenecking, facility and unit revamps / upgrades and other changes to facility and unit operating conditions.




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