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Logo Usage Guidelines

  • 1. Do not use the KBC logo in any colours other than red and grey.
  • 2. Choose background colours carefully to ensure that they don't overpower the logo. The logo should always be prominently featured.
  • 3. The logo may be reproduced in black only where only one colour is available. In this instance, print both the red and grey as 100% black.
  • 4. The logo may be reversed out of a solid, dark colour. In this instance, do not attempt to print the enclosure grey, but reverse the entire logo out white.
  • 5. With the exception of reversing out, the white area within the logo must always be maintained.

Colour Formulas Guidlines

Colour is an important element in KBC's identity. The KBC logo is a combination of red (Pantone* 186) and grey (Pantone 424). This is the preferred colour usage; every attempt should be made to accommodate this selection. house colours are listed below:
  • RGB (for MS products)

Red    |   R: 198     G: 12     B: 48

Grey   |   R: 108     F: 111    B: 112

  • CMYK (for Adobe products)

Red    |   C: 0       M: 100     Y: 75     K: 4

Grey   |   C: 30     M: 22       Y: 19     K: 53

  • Pantone Matching System (PMS) (for standard printing)

Red    |   Pantone 186C

Grey   |   Pantone 424C

  • Hex (for web)

Red    |   #D21034

Grey   |   767A7D

*Pantone Matching System: Pantone® is a registered trademark of Pantone, Inc. Pantone is Pantone Inc.'s check standard trademark for colour reproduction materials and the current editions of Pantone Colour Publications.

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KBC, a leading independent Oil and Gas Consulting and Process Simulation Software company dedicated to the design, operation and management of hydrocarbon processing facilities worldwide, generates value and reduces risk by empowering our clients with Oil and Gas Consulting advice together with process simulation technology to deliver enduring excellence in safety, profitability and environmental performance. In times of economic uncertainty and increasing environmental pressure, our proprietary methodologies and innovative tools guide our clients’ key strategic decisions.

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