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Customer Success Story: EPP

Wednesday, 21 December 2016 04:08 Written by  Magnolia Tovar

Customer Success Story: EPP

In the last four years, the largest refinery facility from the Ecuadorian National Oil Company EP Petroecuador, Esmeraldas Refinery, has gone through a major turnaround with the purpose of modernising the facility and implementing the industry's best practices. At the beginning of this decade, EP Petroecuador faced many challenges due to decades of relative isolation from the industry's technological advances and best practices. As a consequence, this affected the safety, reliability and operational capabilities for the refinery which were translated into production losses, challenges to meet the local demand of gasoline, and increasing imports of foreign products. Additionally, the most important aspect of any business, the human assets, required adequate preparation and training to ensure competency levels for the future, overcome the resistance to change, and embrace the modernisation process and the required cultural transformation.

In brief, the refiner was confronted with a complex, ambitious and challenging project which was crucial for the future of the local refining industry and the country itself.