People and Organisation | Production Centred Plant
Deliver consistent, superior year on year ROCE and maintain your license to operate by increasing operational discipline.

An integrated Production Centred Management System that supports your strategic direction is essential for driving predictable, profitable operations. Defined roles and responsibilities, effective work practices and procedures all lay the foundation for high performance when coupled with a skilled and empowered workforce.

KBC’s proven OpX best practice database, coupled with leading skills and practices supported by our technology can help you reach and sustain first quartile performance by providing the structure to manage performance and make targeted behaviour changes that yield bottom line results in your operations.

Outlooks on Energy

Are You Lagging or Leading? Are You Lagging or Leading?
You have the bases covered. You’ve instituted a proactive safety program and now everything at your facility is alright now.

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What Happens When 25% of Your Workforce Retires in 5 Years? What Happens When 25% of Your Workforce Retires...
Competitive pressure from mega sites is intense, particularly in the APAC region. In this white paper we look at how

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